Sunday, June 3, 2018

With a Little Help from a Talking Dog!

A knack for solving television mysteries has led preschool teacher, Nala Bonne, to become a super sleuth...with the help of a talking dog.

The writing duo, M.K. Scott, has a new release in The Talking Dog Detective Agency series, Bark Twice for Danger


Comic Con is in full swing and all is well. But no sooner does the biggest event of the year begin before a mysterious wave of identity thefts overshadows the grand affair.

While Nala tries to rein in Karly's efforts to use the con for dating purposes, she also finds herself the target of a brazen thief. If she and her crime-solving canine companion don't find the culprit, her bank accounts could be wiped clean.

Can Nala and Max bring an end to the chaos before it's too late?

To celebrate the release of Bark Twice for Danger, a special price of $.99 for the ebook edition is being offering while the authors embark on a week long book blast promotional tour, June 4-8,  c/o Goddess Fish Promotions.

Check the Goddess Fish Facebook page daily for tour stop information. and a chance to win your choice of an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift Card.

Also, the authors are celebrating with a second special Rafflecopter Gift Card Giveaway. For details, and to meet Max, click --

For more information on Bark Twice for Danger --

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Have a good week, Everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love a good mystery and the talking dog for a partner is cute.

    1. I always enjoy stories with a dog or a cat as an essential character. Thanks, Kim, for stopping by today.

    2. Nala and Max are hard at work on mystery four in the series.

  2. Replies
    1. The series is a fun read, Vicki. Thanks for visiting today.

    2. Thanks for commenting. I am slow on repsonding due to the death of my own dog and muse.

  3. This sounds like an excellent read.

    1. These are great, fun stories. Thanks, Marion, for visiting today.

    2. I'm fond of it, but I might be a wee bit biased.

  4. Angela,
    Thanks for featuring Max and Nala. :)