Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Review...or Two...or More...

In January, Crimson Romance released an "ebundle," Cruising for Love: 4 Ship-Shape Romances. Included with my novel, Magic Moment, you'll find Little White Lies by R.C. Matthews, Romancing the Seas by Cait O'Sullivan, and Reach for Tomorrow by Peggy Gaddis.

Crimson editors have a wonderful knack for picking out themes that complement each other, packaging, and releasing for a limited time at a special price.

I spent the last several days with Cruising, and I enjoyed my colleagues' reads tremendously. My initial reaction was to leave a review, but thought my association with the novels might appear to be lacking in the objectivity department. 😉 Also, I wouldn't be able to include my own novel in the post.

So, with the help of Amazon and Goodreads, I decided to let others do my "reviewing" for me.

Little White Lies

"The characters are funny and well developed, making this book enjoyable and easy to read." -- Tumbleweed Book

"Each character really melted together in a perfect way to form a great book." -- N. Kuhn Reviews and News, 5 stars

"...the passion almost made my iPad overheat...Totally loved it; check it out for yourself!" -- 5 stars, Swirling in My Love for Books

Romancing the Seas

"A fun, romantic read!" -- EJ Reads

"The descriptions were beautiful and the characters fresh and three dimensional!" -- Novel Book Tours

"Romancing the Seas is a warm, fun story of Pippa Renshaw's journey into a new job, new life and new love." -- R.T. Wolfe

Magic Moment

"Not only is this an addictive romantic suspense, but Chase Donovan is such an incredibly sexy character." -- A Girl and Her Kindle

"...a sweet, suspenseful read." -- Book Savvy Babe

"The ending comes with a twist that I didn't see coming. All in all, it's a fun read!" -- The Romance Reviews

Cruising for Love: 4 Ship-Shape Romances

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  1. I have wondered if you could leave a review if you were in anthology. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  2. I'm hooked on reading reviews and think they're important! Hugs..RO

    1. You're so right! Thanks, RO, for visiting today.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vicki, for your good wishes, and for visiting today.

  4. You always provide such interesting information. I can understand why you don't add your own review, but your enthusiasm is enough of a review in itself.

    1. Thanks, Marion! After I read the other stories in the bundle, I thought, "How awesome to be a part of this group!" Thanks for visiting today.

  5. It's wonderful to see such a positive response to the book and of course Magic Moments.

    1. I'm fortunate to be teamed with a great group of authors! Thanks, Kim, for visiting.

  6. Yes, that can be tricky. You want to share your thoughts on the others and legitimately so, but I can see how its problematic with your own horse in the race. Congrats on all the fabulous reviews, Angela.
    I haven't read a good shipboard story for a while... might hafta!

    1. Think of it as a cruise on "The Love Boat!" Thanks, Sophia Rose for visiting and sharing.