Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Cruising For Love" is Cruising Along...

A huge "shout-out" to Goddess Fish Promotions for the awesome job they've done coordinating our Cruising For Love: 4 Ship-Shape Romances Virtual  Tour. Plus, a big "thank you" to our hosts for their hospitality this week. 

Tour stops remain tomorrow through Friday, along with the chance to win your choice of a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

This week's stop sites are listed below. And, enjoy a sneak peek preview from Cait O' Sullivan's Romancing the Seas and my own addition to the collection, Magic Moment.

Romancing the Seas


Sous-chief, Pippa Renshaw becomes head chef on a cruise ship sailing around New Zealand. A mix-up finds herself sharing a suite with her new boss, the delectable Jonathan Eagleton.


Pippa Renshaw took a deep breath and reached for the door.  The well-oiled hinges swung open too easily and she nearly fell into the hotel reception area from the stair well.  An anxious giggle started in the pit of her tummy and her hand flew to her forehead to hide her face, even as she studied herself on the jamb to look around.

If she had been in any other situation, than that of meeting her new boss, she would have laughed aloud with nerves as everyone in the foyer stared. It reminded her of going into a little country pub, where newcomers intrigued the regulars.  Was it like that everywhere in New Zealand? And where was her new boss? Looking around, she couldn’t see him anywhere.

Her gaze flickered over two suited executives and away, but as though elastic, it was pulled straight back again. Her tummy felt like it was careering down the stairs as liquid gold eyes pierced hers, arousing feelings of familiarity. But she’d surely remember a man so attractive if she had met him before.

Magic Moment


Chase Donovan finds two thugs assaulting Laura Roberts, his father's bookkeeper, on his boat. After running the thugs off, Chase and Laura must work together to solve the mystery of why these men were after her while fighting their own mutual attraction.


They both laughed, and Chase impulsively made a move that shocked him. His arms encircled her waist. He pulled her back against him and squeezed her tightly. Although he expected Laura to tense or shy away, she reached up and gently patted his cheek. She had interpreted his gesture as two friends sharing a warm exchange, he assumed. Only for Chase, friendship had nothing to do with his actions.

“Oh, Chase, look!” 

Saved by the dolphins. Six dolphins, sleek and powerful, played alongside the boat. Bobbing in and out of the water, they appeared aware of being admired.

“They’re probably heading north from Florida, or maybe from Mexico,” he said.   

 She was totally immersed. “They’re a magnificent sight.”

Focused on the mammals, she was unable to see Chase staring. Her face radiated, her smile widened, her eyes sparkled. “Yeah, a magnificent sight,” he said. He wasn’t referring to dolphins.
Laura was more than magnificent. She was breathtaking.

           Chase realized that the “something” drawing him to her was her. Funny, beautiful, bright, genuine. That “something” which astounded and delighted him was simply her being Laura.

Cruising For Love Virtual Tour (week two)

Monday, January 29th

Edgar Books

Long & Short Reviews

Tuesday, January 30th


January 31st

Fabulous & Brunette

February 1st

Two Crazy Ladies Love Romance

It's Raining Books

February 2nd

Straight from the Library

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Have a great week, Everyone!


  1. Looks like a fun read especially in the dead of winter.

    1. The photo on the book's cover actually makes me think of July at the Jersey shore! Thanks, Morgan, for visiting today.

  2. I always love looking at this cover, and glad that the word is getting out about these books. Happy Week. Are you ready for next weekend Angela? (lol Hugs...RO

    1. Yes, RO, in Philly we're "super" ready for the Super Bowl (smile!)!!! Thanks for visiting and your kind words for the "Cruising For Love" book cover.

  3. Replies
    1. Crimson does a great job of finding reads that compliment each other. Thanks, Marion, for visiting today.

  4. I can't wait to read the whole thing! If any of the stories are half as good as yours, I'll love it!

    1. I'm right in the middle of reading "Cruising..." now! Thanks, Red, for visiting today.

  5. Glad to see Magic Moments included in the boxed set. This sounds perfect for the winter blues.

    1. Spending time with this set may give you the urge to book a vacation on a cruise ship. Thanks, Kim, for visiting today.