Sunday, January 15, 2017

Writing Contest Update!

Looking for feedback on your latest work in progress? Or hoping that a completed piece might catch on with an editor/agent (who is moonlighting as a contest judge)? Check out these upcoming writing contest deadlines.

2017 California Hooker Contest; sponsored by Southern California RWA chapters; Deadline, January 31, 2017; Entry, 3 pages of unpublished manuscript; FMI,

2017 Great Beginnings Contest; sponsored by Utah Chapter of Romance Writers; Deadline, February 14, 2017; Entry, opening 5 pages of romance novel; FMI,

2017 Fabulous Five Contest: sponsored by Wisconsin Romance Writers; Deadline, March 1, 2017; Entry, first 2,500 words of manuscript; FMI,

86th Annual Writer's Digest Competition: sponsored by Writer's Digest Magazine; Deadline, May 5, 2017; Entry, manuscript with entry form; FMI,

Good luck, Everyone, and have a great week!

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  1. Oh goodies, contests! Thanks for posting. I love living on the edge.

    1. Good luck with the writing contests, Brenda. And, thanks for visiting today.

  2. This is always valuable info, so I had to share it, of course. Thanks a bunch! Hugs...

    1. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting today, RO!