Sunday, August 24, 2014

Contest Update...

Contests are a wonderful avenue to publication...offering critiques, opportunities for a star on your resume, and you never know who you may meet! Here is an update on some recent offerings...

2014 “Melody of Love” Contest; sponsored by Music City Romance Writers; deadline, September 7, 2014; first chapter up to 25 pages (including prologue, if related); FMI, 

“Finish the Damn Book” Contest; sponsored by Chesapeake Romance Writers; deadline, September 30, 2014; first and last chapters plus synopsis; FMI,

“Four Seasons” Contest; sponsored by Windy City RWA; deadline, September 30, 2014; first 25 pages; FMI,

“2014 Suzannah” Contest; sponsored by NOLA STARS; deadline, October 1, 2014; first 7.200 words and includes synopsis; FMI,

“29th Annual Hook, Line & Sinker” Contest; sponsored by Hudson Valley RWA; deadline, November 1, 2014; submit first three pages; FMI, (this contest is very special to me – I was a 2011 finalist! I still have the framed certificate on my wall).

Should you enter, good luck. In the meantime, have a wonderful week, Everyone! 

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