Sunday, July 20, 2014

...Thinking Christmas...

Since the weather forecast calls for 94 degrees here in Philly by mid-week, I thought I'd share a photo of snowflakes to get us into the winter and Christmas moods.

Today, we have two more great Christmas reads! If you have any favorites to add, please feel free to comment and share. Have a great week!

The Christmas Con by Jill James

The Christmas Con is a short Christmas story playing with the Robin Hood legend.

Robin Cappington has many sins to atone for. She spent ten years working with her dad, Little John as a jewel thief. After a job gone wrong, John now sits in prison and Robin and crew have gone legit with a security business. Feeling the need to right a few wrongs, Robin uses her gang and her skills to steal from the thieves and give back to the owners.

The Christmas Rose necklace is worth half a million dollars. Robin wants to get it back for the owner, Mrs. Willa Scarlett. There is only one catch; it sits in the vault of a notorious gang leader and the only person who can help her break in and retrieve it is Ian Marr, the man who broke her heart and got her father sent to prison.

Robin Cappington is sure that Ian Marr is the last thing she needs in her life, but the fates and Santa have a different idea of just what Robin needs for Christmas


Barnes & Noble

The Ring that Binds by Linda Carroll-Bradd

1886 Aspen, Colorado—Widow Celina Innes struggles to run her dress shop and hopes to provide a wonderful Christmas for her 4-year-old daughter, Keena. Mikel Toussaint has watched her efforts from his general store across the street, offering help whenever he can. Illness strikes Keena and the two bond as they tend the child. Can their connection be sustained once the crisis is over?

                                                                                  ("Snow" and "Decorated House" photos c/o


  1. Angela, hot and muggy here in Northern California. Thanks for a little Christmas in July and featuring my book!!

  2. Just wanted to say I added yet another book to my TBR list! It's very hot here, Montana, already mid-nineties. Yikes! So the book is needed to cool down with the Christmas theme. And it might warm me up again too, since it looks a little nice but naughty. Hee-hee! -Lani

  3. Lani, wow! 90s is hot for Montana. Calls for iced tea and a nice book!

    1. In Philly, the heat wouldn't be so bad, but it's the humidity that's horrible. Thanks for stopping by, Lani.

  4. I didn't realize you are in Philly, I grew up across the bridge right outside of Cherry Hill. It was 97 here today, but I am trying not to complain as the days of -22 are still in my memory.

    1. Yesterday, I walked pass "Ben Franklin" as he strolled Independence Mall. Thanks so much for visiting!