Sunday, July 13, 2014

Christmas in July...

Welcome to my second week of "Christmas in July!" Over the July 4th holiday, despite the heat and humidity, I was definitely thinking Christmas and looking at some Christmas books.

Do you have any favorites that you'd like to add to the list? If so, please feel free to comment and share. 

Have a great week, Everyone!

A Siberian Werewolf Christmas by Caryn Moya Block

Margaret Brady knows she must be out of her mind to go to Siberia for Christmas. But her intuition won’t let her turn down an invitation from her best friend, Violet Volkov.  When she meets the good looking, Vyacheslar Putyatinov , she knows just what she wants for Christmas.

Vyacheslar “Slava” Putyatinov thinks any human woman coming to the Siberian Lycan village will be trouble. But one unmated could be a disaster. When he is put in charge of the American siren, he finds trouble can lead to desire.


Barnes & Noble

A Christmas Miracle by Sandy Loyd

An uplifting Christmas novelette to warm the heart on a cold holiday season…or any season...

Megan Jenkins isn’t looking forward to Christmas. The holidays will forevermore remind her of what she had and lost. Her husband, and love of her life, died a few days after Christmas the year before, leaving her a young widow with a father-less son to raise. During the course of this Christmas Eve, Megan experiences her own Christmas Miracle as she learns the true meaning of giving with the help of Kevin Murdock, a long-time friend who’s always been there for her.

A Christmas Miracle is based on a true story—a Christmas Eve adventure that had to be immortalized in this short story so it would never be forgotten. The circumstances and names have been changed. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.


Barnes & Noble

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  1. Looks like even more Christmas fun! I love this! I do feel not quite as hot thanks to the wintery theme!

    1. Thanks, Lani, for visiting. We didn't have snow in Philly today, but a lot of rain.