Sunday, March 23, 2014

Writing Contest Update March 23rd

Writing Contests are a wonderful way to have your work seen and critiqued. My motto is "It's not whether you win or lose, but the feedback you receive." (of course, winning would be nice, too!)

Here are a few updates, details, and deadlines...

2014 Shelia Contest sponsored by Valley Forge Romance Writes; deadline, April 13th, open to unpublished, published, and self-published; Total of 35 pages including 5-page synopsis; FMI,

2014 TARA Contest sponsored by Tampa Area Romance Authors; deadline, May 1st; open to published and unpublished writers; first 4,500 of qualifying entry; FMI, 

83rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition; deadline, May 5, 2014, multiple genre categories;  first price $3,000 in cash and an winner announcement on the cover of Writer’s Digest. FMI,

2014 Rising Star Contest for unpublished authors sponsored by Womens’ Fiction Writers; Open for entries May 1st; first 35 pages of a completed manuscript, plus 2-3 page synopsis; deadline is June 27th; FMI

2014 Pages of the Heart, sponsored by From the Heart Romances Writers; for RWA members who unpublished and published authors, opens May 15, 2014; first 25 pages (not to exceed 6,250 words) of you unpublished and uncontracted manunscript; deadline June 14, 2014; FMI, 

Good luck, Everyone, and have a great week! 

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  1. I think contests are amazing too! That's why I'm running one! Angela, would you mind if I conveyed on your blog a little about the Montana Romance Writers first-time contest, deadline June 1st? I'd be honored!

    1. Feel free, Lani...thanks for stopping by!