Sunday, March 2, 2014


Yesterday, as we anticipate more snow on the east coast, almost everyone here in Philly decided they needed to be out of the house. Despite the dismal weather forecast for today, yesterday was bright and beautiful. My sister and I decided to venture out to Reading Terminal Market, our nation's oldest indoor farmer's market 

It wasn't as if we needed anything. We just wanted to be out of the house. Between the two of us, we didn't purchase sister bought yams and a pineapple; me, a couple bags of dried fruit and a box of tissue. The joy of the trip was the fresh-air walk to the Market.

While I was in line, the gentleman behind me started a conversation about -- what else? The upcoming snow. He was shopping not for what he might need, but his cat. I thought that was so sweet, so touching...I almost cried.

He also gave me the idea for today's post with all of you. What items, aside from the usual milk, eggs, and bread, do you stock up on when snow may leave you housebound?

Have a good week, Everyone, and please stay warm and safe.


  1. I always double check my supply of coffee, and hot cocoa when snow is in the forecast. I also tend to get ingredients for hearty meals like stew and chili.

    1. Coffee and tea are always on my list. It’s coffee in the morning and tea in the evening. Thanks for visiting!