Sunday, February 23, 2014

"...And The Oscar Didn't Go To..."

As the east coast snow forced us to stay close to home last week, I spent some time watching the Turner Classic Movie channel. It’s their tradition, for the few weeks leading up to the Academy Awards, to present “31 days of Oscar.” During those days, the cable channel schedules movies and performances that were nominated for Oscars.

I caught several of my favorite movies and performances which I felt should have been Oscar winners, but weren’t.  I’ve always been disappointed that while nominated for Best Picture, two great movies, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Field of Dreams, walked away without the statute. Another Field of Dreams disappointment was James Earl Jones not even receiving a Supporting Actor nomination for his performance of Terrence Mann (Mr. Jones did receive an Honorary Academy Award in 2011). No other actor could have played the "Terry Mann" role in that movie.

Another frustrating oversight was Henry Fonda not being rewarded for his performance in Mister Roberts (like Mr. Jones, he also received an Honorary Academy Award. He later won Best Actor for On Golden Pond). How could anyone bypass Mr. Fonda as Doug Roberts?

Not only did Natalie Wood never receive an Oscar, her performance as Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy, was one of the best in movie history (well, actually, it’s a toss-up with her portrayal of Deanie in Splendor in the Grass).

Since I always enjoying hearing your thoughts, are there any films or performances in movie history you felt should have received an Oscar, but didn’t?

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

What to do on a snowy day...

In Philadelphia, and over much of the east coast, we've been housebound since Thursday, looking out the window at snow, and cleaning up after it. Not the brushy, fluffy kind. But the heavy, burdensome stuff. At times the snow has been mixed with ice and rain which made sweeping and shoveling a "challenge."

This winter season, we've had too many snow storms with winter advisories, watches, and warnings. Although the warnings are for our safety, the news does get weary and tiresome after a while.

While stuck inside, I try and make the best of my indoor time. I work on future blog posts, channel surf on the television, catch up on reading book review newsletters/blogs, and continue working on my WIP.

I welcome your comments on how you spend a "snow day." I'm always open for suggestions on how to pass the next one (which, hopefully, won't be until next winter!).

Have a good week, Everyone! Stay warm, and stay safe!!


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

This upcoming Friday, we celebrate "Valentine's Day," a day reserved for sharing romantic -- sometimes gooey, gushy, sentiments -- with those we love.

School children often exchange Valentine cards…Even Snoopy gets Valentines (check out today’s Peanuts comic strip
I have a cousin who, for the past twenty-two years, has taken his wife to dinner where they had their first date.

If anyone has any special traditions, please feel free to share...

Whatever your plans -- whether they're a romantic dinner, watching a good romantic comedy, or just reading a good book -- have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

...Judging a Book by Its Cover

Hi, Readers,

I’ve been in the “writing cave” as my RWA chapter mates, Vonnie Davis and Jennifer Faye, call it. Some days, the brain just clicks – although others it doesn’t – but I’ve been having such a productive few days, I didn’t want to stop the flow of my characters by working on a new blog post this week.

I hope you don’t mind that I chose to reprint my June 2, 2013 post. It’s one, I feel, is very significant – on the importance of a book cover. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on book covers.

Have a wonderful week, Everyone.

I’m fortunate to live in Philadelphia where book stores, big and small, are plentiful. Plus, we have a gigantic central library and more local branches than I can count. Wherever I go, I'm surrounded by books!

One day last week, I was browsing in one of those stores when I was distracted by the manner in which the romance books were shelved. All of the book spines, with title and author, faced me as I browsed. None of the covers were in my direction.

I was a little frustrated over this. I felt that as I approached each new book selection, the cover of the first book offered should be displayed. Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive because I’ve received so many compliments on Magic Moment’s cover. But, I think a book cover has a lot to do with selling a book.  Many times, when I’m scanning the shelves, I’ll pick up and check out a book because I’m intrigued by the cover. 

I approached the sales associate and suggested how she should turn at least one copy of each book offering so that the book cover faced customers. She smiled politely, said she’d take my suggestion into consideration and went back to stacking shelves.

Simply shelving the books in author alphabetical order, I was bypassing any author who wasn’t already known to me. Whereas if the book’s cover had intrigued me, I would pull it off the shelf, give it a look and perhaps purchase it. Not only would I have discovered a new book, but a new author. I doubt if I’m the only book buyer who purchases in this manner.

So, today, I’m asking for comments and opinions. As a book buyer, how important do you think a book cover is to a book?