Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Tis the Season for All Good Wishes!"


Enjoy the magic and have a wonderful holiday season! Best wishes for a 2014 that brings you peace, happiness, and an abundance of blessings!

See you in January! 

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

...Books...Stuffed Animals...and, Snow Globes...

I get sentimentally attached to everything I'm given which results in being unable to part with anything. I still hold dear all mementos from my grandmother, especially those now-tattered Little Golden Books, and too-worn paperback copies of "Joy in The Morning" by Betty Smith, and "The Godfather," by Mario Puzo.
I still have my very first ever reading book from first grade (I think I'll keep to myself how many years ago we're talking, but here's a hint -- back then, no one could have imagined "blogging").

I love figurines, so I've been the recipient, especially at Christmas, of porcelain trees, cute animals, cartoon characters, and decorated houses.

I also love Holiday snow globes (I've had a few of them for 30 years+). And, I always get excited on the day after Thanksgiving when I take each one from its box and give it a good shake before displaying. My snow globes are one of the many "pleasures" I love about the Holiday season.

Is there anything that you, Readers, can't part with?

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

.....Music of the Season.....

I've often mentioned my need for a radio playing in the background while I write. During Baseball season, I'm either listening to a Phillies' game, a Phillies' player discuss the game, or some Baseball analyst critiquing both. Once the Phillies' season is over, my radio dial clicks to the Classic Rock/Oldies station. 

But, during this time of year, you'll hear nothing but Christmas music coming from my "writing cave" (a term I learned from fellow RWA member, Jennifer Faye). We are fortunate here in Philly to have a radio station that plays 24 hour Christmas music starting the weekend before Thanksgiving and continuously into Christmas.

The other day, when I was having a "writer block/brain freeze" moment, I just sat back and concentrated on the music, a block of ballads, "O Holy Night," "What Child is This?," "The Christmas Song" (which nobody can sing like Nat King Cole -- that tune is his song!)... Each time a song started, I said "oh, I love this song!"

When the arc was over -- and the commercial began to play -- the "brain freeze" had defrosted.

Is there anyone else out there who has a favorite Christmas song (or songs!)? Do you gravitate toward the songs that make you teary-eyed or the ones that make you feel "jolly" and "bright?" And, if so, have you ever considered what about that song makes it so appealing?

...Until next Sunday, have a safe and happy week, Everyone!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Writitng Contests Update!

Writing contests are an important part of advancing a writer's career. The feedback is crucial, final round judges are generally agents and editors (and who better to evaluate your work), and winning looks awesome on a resume. 

Occasionally, I like to post what's out there as far as contests. Good luck, one and all!

Deadline is December 16, 2013 for the "14th Annual Writer's Digest Short Story Competition." First place cash prize is $3,000 plus national exposure for your work. For more information, visit,

Sponsored by North Texas RWA, “The Great Expectations,” an unpublished works contest. Entry is first 5,000 words; deadline December 29, 2013. For more information,
"2014 Cleveland Rocks Romance Conference," sponsored by Northeast Ohio RWA. Entry is prologue/first chapter up to 7,000 words; deadline January 31, 2014. For more information,
Have a great week, Everyone!