Sunday, October 27, 2013

Catching Up...

First, I'd like to thank Julianna at "Reading in Twilight" for hosting this past Monday's stop in "Magic Moment's First Anniversary Celebration." It was a wonderful visit with folks stopping by, leaving comments throughout the week! Although the blog tour stops are posted on Mondays, I do check back during the week and reply to comments.

If you'd like to read Julianna's post and this week's Magic Moment excerpt, visit,

This Monday will feature two tour stops, "Nana Prah's Blog," is the first. The second is "Sharing Links and Wisdom,"

Please join us!

Also, thank you to all my new "Google+" friends who are following me and who have added me to their own circles. It's a pleasure sharing blog posts, pictures, and tidbits with all of you!

The 2013 World Series has begun. A Facebook friend asked who I was cheering for since the Phillies aren't in the Series this year. Boston's Shane Victorino, who hit the winning GRAND SLAM in the ALCS to send the Red Sox to the World Series, is a former Phillie. So, I cheer whenever Shane steps up to the plate.


                                                                 ("baseball" photo c/o

Thursday is not only Halloween, but I'll be taking a walk down "Memory Lane." Exactly five years ago, Philadelphia threw one HUGE parade for my Philadelphia Phillies, the 2008 World Series Champs (my walk down "Memory Lane," means I'll watch my Highlights' DVD).

Finally, a special SHOUT-OUT "Thank You" to Elements of RWA members L.B. Joramo, Kate Wyland, and Vicki Batman for steering me in the right direction when I put out a call for blog photos.  THANKS!

                                                                                 ("dead tree" Halloween photo c/o

Everyone, have a great week! And, "Happy Halloween!'

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  1. Sorry your team didn't make the finals. There's always next year.

    1. And the Phillies will be back stronger than ever (I hope!)

  2. I am a Phillies fan we were born and raised in Haddonfield NJ and are huge Philadelphia fans, from the Phillies to the Flyers :)

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Phillies have a better season next year!