Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thanks for the Reviews...even if I can't tell a "button" from a "bow!"

Everyone who knows me also knows how "technologically inept" I am. I'm grateful to all who assist me and are kind enough to reply whenever I send an email asking for "technical assistance."

Thanks to Vonnie Davis, I'm now able to put photos on my posts. Last week I had email exchanges with fellow FTHRW members Morgan K. Wyatt, Misty Dietz, and Marlie Bridges on the "ins and outs" of Google+. Many thanks, FTHRW Friends (and "welcome" to everyone who is following me c/o Google+!)

This week I swapped emails with Carole at The Romance Reviews because I still can't figure out how the get The Romance Reviews' banner up on this blog. When I opened my inbox, one of her emails offered a link and said perhaps this "button" would help. My reaction was "huh?" 

Having Magic Moment reviewed by The Romance Reviews was an honor. They had been courteous enough to send me a banner so that I could shout it to the world, and I can't figure out how to "squeak" let alone "shout."

Putting aside my computer ineptness, I chose to think about something more pleasant for a minute -- how grateful I am to everyone who has taken the time to read Magic Moment and post a review, whether it be on a blog, a newsletter, Amazon, or Goodreads. With the current climate in the publishing industry, there are many, many books out there and many, many authors requesting book reviews. To even get someone to read your book is a privilege -- let alone to get a favorable appraisal as Magic Moment has received.

"Thank you" to everyone who read, reviewed, and posted their opinion.

I've listed those sites that I was made aware of a review of Magic Moment having been written, along with a quote from the review.  I've also listed the website address. Please feel free to check out these sites and their happenings. 

  • Rory @ Book Savvy Babe
         "...I was rooting for the two of them the entire novel and I was pleased with where they ended up." 

  • Mariann @ Belle's Book Bag,
          "Light, easy read with a few nail biting moments and some steamy scenes thrown in."

  • Tracey @ Roundtable Reviews,
           "It's a pleasant story that's not too long, not too short, and offers plenty of sizzle..."


  • TRS @ All Romance eCafe,
          "...this is one of Angela Adam’s first books. I’m looking forward to reading more of her work."

  • Tiffy @ The Romance Reviews,
          "If you enjoy romantic suspense, then MAGIC MOMENT should be at the top of your list!"

  • Cara Lynn @ Love Romance Passion,
          "It's considered a sensual novel, but it is not crude, and the sex is within a loving relationship..."

  • Cara Lynn for the Book Daisy Team @ Book Daisy
         "The characters are well drawn and believable."


Again, thank you all for your courtesy, time, and kind words. 

Have a great week, Everyone!


  1. It's good to admit to things I cannot do. When I started marketing my novel through social media, I run into much of the same problems as you. A few months down the road I still feel dumb when it comes to certain things, like upload and download. As soon as I'm familiar with one thing, they change the rules on me, come up with new terminology, or so it seems, and I'm back to being dumb.
    There are people out there who are very computer savvy. Like you, I have no scruples turning to them for help. Along the line, I hope to help the helper in turn.

    1. Thanks, Rayne, for letting me know that I'm not alone. Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on the great reviews!!! That's fabulous.

    In the world of technology things are constantly changing. So no worries on not being technologically savvy. Since things change so fast, not many people are! You're in excellent company, like me!

    1. Lani, thank you for your kind words on "Magic Moment's" reviews. Regarding technology, my cousin's five-year-old granddaughter knows more than I do (and, she's so adorable when she tries to help me). Have a great week!

  3. Hi, Angela! and congratulations on entering the world of technology which changes daily and makes me feel silly. What wonderful reviews too. Very proud of you.

    1. Thank you, Vicki, for your compliments on "Magic Moment's" reviews. Sometimes when I'm on my computer, I long for the days with my old electric typewriter, and my Walkman. Have a great week!

  4. Great reviews!
    I used to be a tech writer and wrote user manuals for engineering design software, so I should be a bit knowledgeable. NO way. I still have probs with Wordpress and don't really get twitter.

    1. Thanks Kate. I'm so glad you stopped by the blog. Everyone's comments are making me feel that I'm not as inept as I originally thought. Have a great week!

  5. Angela,
    You are too hard on yourself. You do several things very well. Your blog is one of them. Writing is the other. Keep those two going and you'll be fine. :)

    1. Morgan, you surely know how to lift a gal's spirits! Thanks for checking out my blog, and have a great week!