Monday, February 18, 2013

"Chicks" with "Swagger"

Fellow From the Heart Romance Writer members, Misty Dietz, Josie Matthews, Angela McCallister, Renee Ann Miller, Rachael Slate, and Vonnie Davis, along with Personal Fitness Trainer, Jodi Roper write an awesome blog, "Chick Swagger." Posts range from inspirational to funny to helpful, to sometimes downright raunchy -- but you're always assured a good read.

I have the link to Josie Matthews' February 6, 2013 post (thank you, Josie and Misty!).  Titled, "Roses are Red, Bruises are Blue..." you'll never quite look at Valentine's Day the same way again.

Happy Reading!





  1. Thanks so much for sharing Josie's post, Angela! We always looks forward to your comments on the Swagger runway - we so appreciate your support!! xoxo

    1. I enjoy sitting down every night with my cup of tea, and logging on to see what the "chicks" have to say.