Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Ghost Story

The week before Christmas I put aside the Christmas books and read, Mina Khan's Dead:  A Ghost Story.

For readers who like to journey into the supernatural, this is your kind of story.  Since the author was on vacation, I waited for her return to post.

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Blurb for Dead: A Ghost Story:

A multicultural ghost story dealing with the immigrant experience, in which Nasreen -- the Indian-American protagonist -- grapples with her life and death in West Texas.

Author's Note: While my other stories are romances, to be specific genie romances, I wanted to write a simple, haunting ghost story for Halloween. I hope you enjoy the read.
This is a short story.
Nasreen watches in shamed silence as her husband and the Hispanic woman have sex….
In disgust, Nasreen turns away and finds herself swept up to the rafters. She still isn’t used to being dead and without the weight of her body. She swirls around, despondent and unsettled.
Watching the animal rutting brings back bad memories of all the times her husband had demanded his “rights.” Even now, she wants to scratch and kick at him, scream her hatred. She’d tried. Instead of satisfying impact, her fists simply went through Matin. Her mouth moved soundlessly when she’d tried to hurl accusations at him. They don’t see her now, standing there glaring at them. She doesn’t even cast a shadow.
A shudder of regret passes through Nasreen. Why did she exist as a mere shadow when she’d been alive? Why did she swallow all those bitter words in the name of family peace? Why didn’t she use her God-given legs to simply walk away? Now she is of even less substance than the fragile and forgotten cobweb hanging in the darkest corner of the house. The thought makes Nasreen’s eyes burn with hot, stinging tears. Loud, heavy sobs wrench out of her as she realizes that in death, as in life, she’s nothing.
In bed, both Maria and Matin tense up. Their eyes fly open, they lie very still, holding their breaths.
“What was that?” Maria whispers. “Did you hear it?”

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  1. Thanks Angela for taking the time to read the story , review it and share it with others. So glad you found Nasreen to be a true heroine :) You definitely made my author-heart dance with joy.

  2. It looks like a "haunting" tale, no pun intended. Great job, Mina.

    1. I agree with you, Morgan. Mina's book is a great read for anyone who likes scary movies. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Thanks, Morgan! It is a "haunting" tale and I had a lot of creative fun writing it. :)