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Seasons Greetings!

Thank you all so much for following this blog and my Facebook page! Have a happy and safe Holiday Season! And Best Wishes for the New Year!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another "read" From My List

Check out another great book -- especially for fans of historicals.  Josie Rivera's Seeking Patience is not only a tale of romance, but of integrity and honor.

Blurb for Seeking Patience:

Do people prove their self-worth by strength, or by character?

A Romany leader confronts the English heritage he has denied when he lands, beaten and powerless, in the path of a high-spirited young widow. Will the prim countess agree to hide the charismatic rogue in her home and jeopardize her safety while her stepson accuses her of murdering her elderly husband?

Patience Blakwell is not beautiful. As a dutiful young countess in Regency England, she endures her husband’s cruelty. She struggles with her faith, trying to understand why God is not following the plan she had for her life—to be loved and cherished by her husband. After her husband’s unexpected death, her grown stepson charges her with her late husband’s murder.

Luca Boldor, more Gypsy than English, is determined to prove that he is strong and capable and doesn’t need anyone. But once he is forced to depend on Lady Patience Blakwell, a woman who represents all he loathes, he must decide whether he should turn away when she needs him, or risk his most vulnerable, forgiving self to keep her safe. By denying his English heritage, has he denied a part of himself?


Chapter One

England, 1813

Luca Boldor had made a mistake---a big mistake.

“May God strike you all.” He whispered under his breath at the murderous band of rival Roma tribesmen gaining on him, ready to attack. He’d merely been looking for food for his tribe.

He pulled his ragged overcoat around his shoulders and made his getaway through the snow. Snowflakes fell thick and heavy, twice as fast as earlier that evening. Wind carried the drifts in wayward, wispy circles and thankfully concealed his tracks.

He could escape unseen. After all, he’d become good at that.

Slipping on a patch of ice, he stumbled and hit the ground face-first.

His voice broke in a scream of agony. Screams he stifled, because a man never screamed. Certainly not a Roma man.

Relying on sheer muscle to raise the lower half of his body, he dug his elbows into the gritty, wet snow and crawled forward. Aye, a man did not crawl, either.

But sometimes a man-made exceptions to his own rules.


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magic Moment on All Romance ebooks

While I'm still busy reading (look for another book excerpt post this weekend), I'm excited that Magic Moment was one of the books featured on AReCafe.  Here's the link


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Great Short Read

I've been reading quite a few shorts.  The latest is Morgan K. Wyatt's Blind Date.  For a short read, this story had a lot -- charm, humor, sex...

Blurb for Blind Date:

Darla never had time for love. Even though she worked in the perfume industry that epitomizes romance, no appropriate male ever wandered into the picture. Maybe that's why she accepted her friend's suggestion to fix up her up. Desperation, and a desire to make sure she even remembered how to act like a woman as opposed to a corporate warrior. Too bad, her arranged date fell on the weekend before her meeting with some hot shot Italian nobleman she needed to sign for her company's continued success.

Even more ironic, her blind date Alex, besides being the poster child for all things delicious, has a sexy Italian accent. The accent alone should have reminded her of the need to prepare for her meeting. Instead charmed by Alex's old world manners and animal magnetism, she allows him to take charge and forgets about business. Two things she'd never done before.


Her gaze started at his shoes and roamed up his dress pants. He dressed up for her, how nice. He’d loosened his tie and rolled up his shirtsleeves, maybe his version of business casual. Nice strong chin and olive toned skin made the man appear more mysterious. She’d always preferred the Mediterranean look. So far, she liked everything she saw. He smiled, revealing a nice set of teeth. Smiling meant…yes, he was staring at her and walked toward her. The dating gods finally took pity on her.
 She waited until he stood a mere foot from her. “Alex?” she asked hopefully, praying this time her luck would turn for the good. He grinned down at her and raised one eyebrow questioningly.
 “You wish for me to be Alex?”
 “Oh, yes.” She practically sighed the words. He had an odd way of phrasing, but he had an accent. Marlene didn’t mention he’d be foreign. Things just kept getting better and better.
His eyes twinkled. “For you, I will be. I am at your service.” He motioned to a bar stool as if asking to sit. “Your name, if I may ask?

      “Darla.” He should have known her name. Didn’t Marlene tell him? Probably his way of making small talk. Darla inhaled the scent of Alex. Hmmm, he smelled as good as the scampi aroma riding the air.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So Many Great Books Out There…

As I wade through my reading list, I wanted to share a great historical.  Tumbleweed Letters by Vonnie Davis tells the story of a lonely widower, a woman on the run, and the one of the most adorable toddlers you will ever meet. 

Blurb for Tumbleweed Letters:

When rancher and single father Cam McBride finds a letter tucked in a strip of cloth tied to a tumbleweed, he is captivated by the mysterious author. Finding a second tumbleweed letter further pulls him under the lonely writer's spell. He needs a mother for his little boy and a wife to warm his bed. Could this mysterious woman fill his needs?

Sophie Flannigan is alone, scared, and on the run from a rogue Pinkerton agent. She spends her days as a scrub lady at Madame Dora's brothel and her nights writing notes to the four winds. Her life holds little hope until a small boy lays claim to her and his handsome father proposes an advantageous arrangement.

Can these three benefit from a marriage of convenience, or will a determined Pinkerton agent destroy their fragile, newly formed bond?


Fingers touched her arm. “My name is Cam McBride, ma’am. I’ll gladly buy you a new dress or pay for a bolt of calico.” His deep voice raised gooseflesh on her arms.
She could not, would not look at up him. He was so tall and broad shouldered, he was downright intimidating.  “That really won’t be necessary, Mr. McBride. Good day.”
“Will you at least accept my apology?”
Sophie nodded and made a beeline for the door. For some reason, she wanted to get away from this man.
“Ma’am?” Footsteps echoed behind her. “Your name?” His hand wrapped around her wrist, feather light, yet firm.
Her stomach fluttered and her mouth went dry.
The child leaned forward in his father’s arms and grabbed her collar. “Mine.”
Saints preserve me, this child will tear apart my clothes yet. “Sophie…Sophie Flannigan.”
“Won’t you look at me when you talk?”
She shook her head and tried to move away.
“Where do you live?” His grasp on her tightened.
Goodness, but his voice was spellbinding. Something about it made her body react in strange ways that disturbed her. “I live where I work. Madam Dora’s brothel.”
His hand fell away, and she hurried out.
Behind her, a child wailed, “Mine. Mine, Daddy…mine.”

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Making A Dent...

I've completed another book and am making a dent in my Goodreads' reading list. 

Marlie Bridges' You Belong to Me is a fine mixture of romance and supsense.  I don't want to give too much away, but I found the novel "gripping," and felt great sympathy and compassion for the characters involved.  

Blurb for You Belong to Me:
Erin Reilly wants to live life on her own terms far away from her psychotic ex-husband, Daniel. However, when she moves half-way across the country, pulls her life together, and falls in love with corporate lawyer Colin Marshall, Daniel follows her.

Colin's belief in love and desire for a family were abandoned with a woman's betrayal. And he questions his own capacity for love, until he meets Erin and is willing to test the boundaries of his heart.

Through a series of devastating events engineered by Daniel neither of them believes they can ever achieve their dreams.

But Colin proves he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for love and help Erin discover the strength and courage she needs to conquer her fears and the monster who tries to destroy them both.

Erin wants the American dream. Colin wants to give it to her.
But can they escape the nightmare that threatens their very lives?


When they left the restaurant, Colin took her hand again and led her along the walkway back toward the parking lot. They wandered in and out of the stalls, taking in the exhibits, the painters working as people walked by.

After their kiss behind the booths, Erin was so physically aware of Colin holding her hand, standing close behind her when she stopped to inspect a painting, touching her, it seemed, every chance he could. She welcomed it, noticed how comfortable and safe she felt with him.

When they reached the end of the boardwalk, they walked through the parking lot to the motorcycle.

“What a great day, thanks for coming with me,” Colin said. “I really enjoy your company.”

“The feeling is mutual,” Erin said.

He leaned over and kissed her. Her heart raced as she wrapped her arms around him and held him, loving the feel of his smooth muscles under her hands.

He lifted his head to look at her. “I want…more.”

Giving her no time to reply, he leaned down and kissed her again. Erin could hardly breathe as he stroked her shoulder and arm with his hand and ran his fingers down the side of her neck, a sensual touch. They were both breathless, but he stopped, pulled away from her.

“This is one of those times when I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off you.”

“We're in a parking lot.” She had to stifle a giggle.

“That's probably a good thing.” He smiled, his eyes mischievous, his expression teasing.

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Getting Some Reading Accomplished...

I hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.  While at home for four days, when not visiting with friends and family, I worked at making a dent in my "to be read" list. 

Jean Adams’ A Man Like Saxon is a leisurely read.  Or as I said to my mom, “a sit-down-with-a-pot-of-tea book."  Set in pictorial New Zealand, our heroine, Danielle, has a trauma in her life.  She’s lonely and withdrawn.  Saxon, a man who knows how to make an entrance, “drops” into her life (and her heart).

Blurb for A Man Like Saxon:

Danielle Montgomery lives with a terrible secret. A secret that has destroyed her dreams and binds her to a life of loneliness. She has learned never to wish for anything more, her feet are permanently planted on her brother's New Zealand farm.

When film director Saxon Wainwright suddenly appears, wanting to film his next movie on the property, he blows Danielle's narrow little world apart. He's more than a little intrigued by Danielle and sets his sights on winning her affection.

Is Saxon the nemesis Danielle's been expecting--or the key to her freedom? Will Saxon be able to convince Danielle that sometimes wishes bring happiness?

However famous he might be, she wasn’t happy about this stranger knowing so much about their private business. She faced him squarely, defiance and suspicion overruling her fantasies. Why was this director in such a hurry to settle a deal she hadn’t even agreed to? She wouldn’t do anything until she’d discussed it with Paul. There could be all kinds of hidden snags.
“I would call, Mr. Wainwright, if I knew where they were, but they’re touring England and their itinerary is sketchy.”
Air hissed through his teeth on an impatient sigh. “Surely you have some idea where he is. Every day I delay costs me—costs the company—money.”
Neither was the film’s budget any of her concern. “All I know is that they’re somewhere in the west of England.”
Her answer clearly irritated him. His eyes narrowed into icy slits, and his lips compressed into a tight line. “How the hell can they afford such an extravagant vacation when this place needs cash so badly?”
Indignation washed through her. The heat of annoyance crawled up her neck and over her face. “That’s none of your damned business.”
His question didn’t sound like one of concern, or even genuine interest. It was more that of a man who easily lost patience with anything that might stand in his way. And he looked like a man who had to have his own way.
“Does that mean if I want to make my movie on this land I have to deal with you?”
        "Yes, Mr. Wainwright,” she said, aware of the note of smugness in her
voice. “I’m afraid it does.”
For an "inside look" and more information, check out the link on Amazon --
 Jean Adams' website