Sunday, November 4, 2012

Promoting The Novel…A Learning Experience

Thank you to everyone who sent me email wishes and/or “congratulation” cards (they’re still up on my bookcase -- I so love looking at them) to celebrate the release of Magic Moment.

Computer woes, Hurricane Sandy, and promoting Magic Moment have kept me from this blog, and all of you for a few weeks.  I thought the three revisions I did on my novel and querying publishers was “a challenge.”  I’m discovering that getting the word out there about Magic Moment is the real challenge.  But an exciting one.  I’m learning all about “likes” and “tags” on Amazon (Thank you, my wonderful friends over at From the Heart Romance Writers).  And, I’m “e-meeting” -- as in exchanging emails -- with so many awesome book review bloggers (Thank you for offering to read Magic Moment). 

I had several blog posts outlined, but had to scrap them when my computer went “poof” followed by Hurricane Sandy.  While I was self-conscious that I was overwhelming readers with Magic Moment excerpts, I was asked (to my surprise and delight to post another). 

Dilemmas and the misconceptions of others have pried Chase and Laura apart.  They’re expecting a child and are working to find their way back to each other.

After walking around to her side, Chase opened the door. Caressing her hand, he helped her slide out of the car. She swayed, grabbing the door handle.
“I’m tired,” she stated as if her exhaustion wasn’t commonplace nowadays.
Chase closed the door. Without warning, he slipped his arm under her knees, scooping her up. Her arms encircled his neck.
“You don’t have to carry me,” she said, her resistance a weak one.
         Chase valued any excuse. He relished having her in his arms. “Take

advantage while you can. Keep it up with those sundaes, by next month I

won't be able to lift you."

He started up the walkway.
At the reference to ice cream, she licked her lips. “Chase, you should’ve eaten some. The fudge sauce was the sweetest I’ve ever tasted. It was the best!”
“I appreciated your offered spoonful, but I wouldn’t dare take one tiny bite from you.”
“Oh, I meant you should have gotten your own.”
They laughed, reaching the porch. Laura pressed her head to his shoulder. She fit perfectly in his arms, and in his heart.
“Laura,” he said softly.
Her eyes were closed, her body relaxed against him. A slight smile curled her lips. “Umm.”
“Honey, look at me,” he said, his voice gentle. He loved her. She and the baby were his world.
Opening her eyes, she lifted her head from his shoulder.
“I like when you call me ‘honey’,” she whispered.


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