Sunday, October 7, 2012

A "Magic" Week...

With the release of Magic Moment, I’ve had a very busy week.  First, I want to offer my gratitude to all who have emailed me good wishes, and to those who are in the process of reading the book.  Thank you just doesn’t seem a strong enough sentiment, but here goes…thank you…soooo much!

Next, if you get a chance, please stop by Long and Short Reviews.  There’s a banner ad for Magic Moment.  It looks fantastic, and I’m in the company of some awesome authors. 

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I’ve been asked to post another excerpt.  So, here’s a final excerpt of Magic Moment.  I chose this piece because despite the story's opening and how Laura is a victim, she is very much a heroine.  I thought this passage gave an insight into her spirit.

Laura and Chase are married and having a baby (to explain the why and how would be a definite “spoiler alert”).  They're staying with his aunt in Maryland.  On a trip back to Philadelphia to confront his father over Laura’s assault, Chase is arrested by FBI Special Agent Ross Saunders.

Laura, having been told by Chase’s attorney that she must return to Philadelphia to secure her husband’s release, can't understand what the FBI wants from her.  And she has had just about enough of Special Agent Saunders.

 “Tell me, Special Agent Saunders,” she blew up. “Have I done something to personally offend you? Have you and I met before? We were reincarnated, and in a past life I rejected you? Got ahead of you in line at the grocery store? Dropped a frog down your pants as kids? What? Because whenever some grievance befalls me, you’re at the center. Now you’re picking on my husband.”

Saunders, taken aback, rose from his chair. Laura stood before him not as the timid, anxious woman he had ushered from the diner. She displayed her personality’s feisty, fighting side that appeared whenever she was pushed to her limit.

Kevin, having caught up, stood beside his client. “Laura, I’m your attorney. Let me talk.”

“Yes, Miss Roberts. If you have an attorney, I advise you to listen to him,” Saunders said.

“It’s Donovan!” she snapped. “Laura Donovan. Mrs. Chase Donovan.” She took a deep breath, considering the baby. After a calm exhale, she continued. “I’m told you want proof of my wedding to Chase.” She took a paper from her purse along with two snapshots. “Our marriage certificate and two pictures.”

Saunders took the items. The official document stated Laura and Chase’s names, date and place of marriage, appropriate signatures, including officiator and witnesses. Of the snapshots, one showed a black-robed, balding judge pronouncing the couple husband and wife; and the other was a simple photo taken afterwards. The newlyweds smiled, facing one another, arms wrapped around each other. They had held each other so tightly, she remembered. As if each had been afraid of losing the other. This picture was her favorite.

Saunders glanced at the objects and handed them back. “No picture of Donovan kissing his bride?”

Kevin spoke quickly, cutting off Laura’s hostile remark. “My client has provided documentation proving she and Chase Donovan are married,” he said. “You stated you have follow-up questions from your prior meeting. In everyone’s best interest, Special Agent Saunders, I suggest you ask your questions, release Mr. Donovan, and allow my client and her husband to return to their honeymoon.”

There was a long pause before Saunders nodded, indicating the room with the opened door. “In there.”

Laura and Kevin followed the agent into the room, a small dreary, windowless area with a square table and four chairs. Kevin pulled out a chair for Laura. Once she was settled, the two men each took a chair. Kevin sat next to her; Saunders across from them.

“Where have you been, Mrs. Donovan?” the agent asked.

Laura hesitated, guarded more over his reason for the question, than the actual question. “Why?”

Saunders shrugged. “It’s a normal question.”

She glared at the man. “Nothing is normal where you’re involved.”



  1. Congratulations on the release of Magic Moment, Angela! This scene reads like a makes you want to find out what happens next!

    1. Thanks, Liana, for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Congrats on the release, Angela. Good luck with sales! Intense excerpt. :)

    1. Dawn Marie, thank you for checking out my blog...and for your good wishes.

  3. Looking forward to getting the whole story. So much going on!

    1. Hi, Marion, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. Yes, there is a lot going on...something happens at every turn of the page...