Sunday, September 9, 2012

The “I’m a Published Author” Feeling

 A few weeks ago I was completing an application to the U.S. Copyright office for the copyright registration on my novel, Magic Moment.  It wasn’t the first time I had filled out such an application for one of my stories.  I have two registration notices for previous works framed and hanging where I can see them.
So, as I sat at my computer on this particular Sunday, typing the necessary information, I thought, “this so makes me feel like an author.”  I remembered when I was doing promotion for “Burgers and Hot Chocolate” and Winter Wonders.   I had been interviewed in Long and Short Reviews and was asked “when did you first consider yourself a writer?”
Well, my answer dated back to my college years and when I was a student at my local community college.  The college had a writing contest each semester and during my second year there, I had won in the short fiction category.  I said in my LASR interview that the initial recognition, along with congratulations from professors, friends, and family, made me feel like a writer.
But, now as I considered that answer, I realized anyone can be a writer.  I was an Office Manager for nine years and wrote lots of memos (“Please submit your summer vacation request by May 1st.  Those submitting after that date, your request cannot be guaranteed”).   Few to none of those memos my supervisor asked me to write would ever be published (and I wouldn’t want them to be).
While anyone can be a writer, not everyone who writes is a published author.  To be published is a dream, a goal of almost everyone who sits down to write a story.  But not everyone who sits down and writes a memo on vacations considers being published. 
So, I’m curious, and would love to hear others’ thoughts and opinions.   My question to you, dear blog readers, is when did you first get that “I am a published author” feeling?


  1. Hi, Angela
    Interesting post. I agree with you. I knew I was a writer for year, but the day I got the e-mail for my first sale was the day I knew I was an author. It took me a while to say it out loud to others, but in my heart I knew it.

  2. Judi, your heart knows better than anyone! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The first time I felt like a published author - when my short romance was published in Woman's World and I got paid! At the time I had started taking a writing course through Writer's Digest and thought - why bother? I'm published, I'm on my way. It certainly was the beginning, but not the instant success I had expected.
    Marion Ekholm

  4. Hi, Marion, you're not alone...the check, getting paid, seems to be the validation most authors need to feel that they've finally arrived. Thanks for checking out my blog.