Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Author and an Editor

I’ve been away this blog for several days doing what I talked about in a previous post –- proofreading for fellow authors who are working to make a deadline.

I also exchanged emails with Melissa Hosack.  Melissa was tapped to be the editor on the anthology I was fortunate to be a part of last year, Winter Wonders, published by Whimsical Publications.  Aside from being a wonderful editor (and a gem to work with), she is a talented, multi-published author herself.
Over the years, I’ve discovered the importance of author and editor working together as a team.  I think of it like baking a cake.  Maybe you’ve used vanilla extract in your recipe, but your editor thinks almond would enhance the flavor.  Communication, discussion, and agreement is just so important for the novel (and the cake, too).
I was so fortunate to have that kind of relationship/courtesy with Melissa.  While working together, we had fabulous email exchanges about the whys and hows of my story, “Burger and Hot Chocolate,” and her guiding hand to help me make the story better.
Perhaps, the great exchange was because she’s a writer, too.
Melissa’s writing flair is with the Paranormal genre.   Her first full length novel, Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind, was released by Whimsical Publications in March 2009.  Her short stories have been featured in several anthologies and along with serving as editor on Winter Wonders, she contributed the story, “Saving Santa.”

Melissa will soon be one busy author, promoting upcoming works.  Her short story, “Haunted,” will be featured in a Halloween anthology published by Evernight Publishing.  Evernight is scheduled to offer her story, “Zombie Girl” as a free read. 

Here’s an excerpt from “Zombie Girl” (with an intriguing first line).

I’d had the hots for Elizabeth since the first moment I laid eyes on her. It was unfortunate she died before I ever got to make a move. Though honestly, I doubt I ever would have worked up the nerve. Guys like me didn’t date girls like her.
Elizabeth had been the epitome of perfection. Her loose, blonde curls flowed halfway down her back, gleaming like spun gold in the sunlight. Her hair had always swayed sensually with her every movement, as vibrant as if it had a life of its own. Her sea-green eyes used to sparkle with joy, their depths revealing her unsurpassed charm and charisma. Even her toes used to turn me on with their classy pedicures. Elizabeth had been perfection.
Maybe that was why I still dreamt about her. That was the only explanation for why tonight when I should be resting after a hard day of work, I instead heard her voice whispering to me in the middle of the night, why I felt her lips brushing along my collarbone.
“Karik.” Her sweet voice breathed against my neck as her tiny hands slid along my chest. I could feel the weight of her lithe body as she leaned over me, her cotton-covered breasts brushing against the center of my bare chest. Her hair tickled along my skin, sending goose bumps down the length of my arms.
That undeniable sensation made my eyes pop open and a gasp tear from my throat. Dreams didn’t touch you, couldn’t touch you. As I focused in the dark, I was shocked to find myself staring into those green eyes I’d been dreaming about for months. “Elizabeth!” I scrambled to a sitting position and stared in frozen disbelief at the gorgeous woman in front of me.
Whimsical will also release Melissa’s novel, December 2012, later this year.  For more information on Melissa Hosack, her Paranormal works, and a sneak peak at some great looking book covers, check out her website


  1. You're right, Angela. It's very important for the author and editor to be able to work together as a team to create the best book possible!

  2. A very interesting read. It certainly has me curious. Is it a dream or his dream girl come to life?
    Marion Ekholm

  3. That excerpt certainly makes a reader ready for more. Thanks, Marion, for stopping by.