Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awesome Author, Fantastic Friend

There is a saying that goes something like this, “old friends are the best friends.”  I’d like to include “former critique partners make for long lasting friends.”

Karen Rose Smith (along with The Wild Rose Press author, Liana Laverentz) was my critique partner back in the early 1990s before she was the “multi-published Karen Rose Smith.”  Before Microsoft, the internet, and email, Karen, Liana and I belonged to a writer’s organization and were part of what we called a “critique exchange.”  Using typewriters, photocopiers, and the U.S. postal service, we mailed our monthly chapters to each other for comments/suggestions/opinions.  Although life, other challenges, and adventures broke up the critiquing, I’m so happy to say that the friendships prevailed.
I still have Karen’s first published novel, A Man Worth Loving (still my favorite title, too) published in 1992 by Meteor Publishing for their Kismet Romance Line.  Inside the copy Karen had sent me, she had written a beautiful, heartfelt sentiment and authographed the book.  A few years ago, when I was packing to move out of my apartment, I pulled the book off the shelf, stopped to read the sentiment, and with tears in my eyes, passed it over to my friend who was helping me pack.
Karen’s titles are too numerous to mention in the space allotted here, and she’s branched out into other writing avenues.  (Check out her mystery website listed below).
I still get excited whenever I’m browsing in a bookstore and see one of Karen’s books on the shelf which was exactly what happened this past weekend at CVS.  Karen’s latest Harlequin Special Edition release, available this month, is The CEO’s Unexpected Proposal.  It’s Book 3 in the “Reunion Bride Series.”


After losing his wife in a tragic accident, successful businessman Dawson Barrett was determined to help his son, Luke, who was dealing with his pain by acting out at school and at home. Luckily, the devoted dad knew just who to call....

As talented as she was beautiful, music therapist Mikala Conti could work miracles. To her, the real miracle was that Dawson-the boy who'd once stirred her teenage heart, then vanished-was back in town. Still, Mikala wasn't sure Dawson was ready to move on. And she certainly didn't believe that one reckless moment of passion could change their lives forever. But it might just be the way to heal three troubled souls searching for a second chance at a forever family.

More information on The CEO's Unexpected Proposal can be found at

I'm excited that Book Four in the series, Riley’s Baby Boy, will be available in August.


After one torrid night at their high school reunion, Riley O'Rourke thought his torch for Brenna McDougall had finally been extinguished. But after she appeared on his doorstep—with his infant son, no less!—it was clear that the flames of passion sizzled hotter than ever.

Brenna knew that Riley was all wrong for her. But one encounter with her secret love plunged her back into his life for keeps. She hadn't bargained on their long-muffled chemistry being as explosive as ever. Or that the old feud still simmering between his family and hers could threaten their new family...and their rekindled romance.

Along with the current and upcoming release, Book One, His Daughter…Their Child, and Book Two, Once Upon A Groom, remain available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble

And guess what else is available through Amazon?  A Man Worth Loving.  It's a great book!

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  1. Karen Rose Smith is my angel, my mentor, my dear friend, and my favorite author. Too many years ago to admit, this wonderful woman told me if I was serious about writing I should get myself into RWA and a local chapter of romance writers. She changed my life...I got a five book publishing contract for Christmas last year. She put me where I was supposed to be. How does one say thank you enough...I also have a large library of her wonderful stories and we talk by phone every so often. You could not have a better friend.

  2. Paisley, you are so right about Karen! She is a wonderful woman. I can't believe I've known her for over twenty years. Thank you so much for your comment and for visiting my blog.