Friday, June 29, 2012

Oysters & Chocolate

When a writer friend said to me “Oysters and Chocolate” for an erotic short story I’d written, my initial reaction was “yuck.”   Chocolate, yum – but mix my favorite chocolate bar with oysters? 

I checked out the ezine’s website and discovered oysters and chocolate are aphrodisiacs.  They characterize the range of sensual pleasure that people, particularly women, enjoy.

The founders of Oysters & Chocolate (O&C) are Jordan LaRouse and Samantha Sade.  Friends since elementary school, graduates of the University of Colorado, and with magazine publishing on their resumes, they put out their first O&C issue in 2005.  It’s a great ezine, a home for creative, inspired, clever erotica for women.  Along with short stories, poetry, and articles, there is an online store, links to similar websites, and other goodies available.

Five short story categories range from “Vanilla” (straight heterosexual) to “Dirty Martini” (threesomes/fetishes).  My short story, “Irresistible,” was featured in July 2011. 

In “Irresistible” Jenna needs a break from the hectic demands of career, wife, and motherhood.  She’s sitting alone in a bar, having a drink on a Saturday night when a handsome, sexy man sits across from her and starts a conversation.  Rick does everything in his power to make Jenna feel “irresistible.”

I’m on the mailing list for a monthly O&C newsletter.  In November 2011, Jordan and Samantha ventured into the erotic ebook industry.  OC Press publishes erotic ebooks, and also operates as an online bookstore for independent writers and publishers.

You can check out the Oysters & Chocolate at

OC Press is

If you’d like to read “Irresistible,” it’s archived

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