Monday, June 25, 2012

Romance at Heart

I’ve had the good fortunate of seeing my book reviews and short stories in some great publications, and “the Angies” have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people.  I’d like to use the next several posts to tell you about them.
I started writing book reviews as “Angela Raye.”  One of my favorite websites to submit was Romance at Heart (RAH).  RAH is a home for anyone who is interested in the romance genre as either a reader or an author.   Along with book reviews and author interviews, one section I enjoy is “Romance at Heart Articles” which features some great articles on the writing craft.
Rose Brungard, who oversees RAH, is a wonderful advocate for new writers.  Although I’ve been spending most of my writing hours working on fiction and haven’t submitted a book review to her in a while, she’s always a cheerleader and so supportive of my current projects. 
You can take a look at RAH by going to
I don’t think I’m talking out of turn by saying that Rose is always looking for good reviews and great articles.  Her email is

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