Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Burgers and Hot Chocolate" and Winter Wonders

I have been so fortunate to have The Long and Short Reviews’ Marianne and Judy involved in my writing career.  Not only have they accepted my short stories and given me the opportunity to talk about my writing, they indirectly gave me the chance to have one of my stories published in an anthology.

Once or twice a week, I visit LASR and on one occasion, I happened to notice an ad for a publisher I hadn’t noticed before, Whimsical Publications.  When I clicked on Whimsical’s website, I saw that they were looking for stories with a Christmas or winter theme for an anthology set to be released in December 2011.

My story, “Burgers and Hot Chocolate” was one of nine short stories in a collection Whimsical published titled Winter Wonders.  What a fabulous feeling to open my email on that December day and see my story in an ebook (Whimsical publishes both ebooks and POD).
Here’s the blurb from “Burgers and Hot Chocolate” --

In the quaint, seaside village of Magic Lake Island, the community gathers for the elementary school's holiday concert.  There’s a mutual attraction between school volunteer, Theresa Reynolds, and Will Keegan, a widower with a daughter.  Since Theresa can't seem to break through Will's shyness, five-year-old Kelly Keegan devises a way to get her father and her favorite volunteer together.   

Whimsical Publications covers all genres of fiction from romance to mystery to western and more.   You can find Whimsical Publications at 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Oysters & Chocolate

When a writer friend said to me “Oysters and Chocolate” for an erotic short story I’d written, my initial reaction was “yuck.”   Chocolate, yum – but mix my favorite chocolate bar with oysters? 

I checked out the ezine’s website and discovered oysters and chocolate are aphrodisiacs.  They characterize the range of sensual pleasure that people, particularly women, enjoy.

The founders of Oysters & Chocolate (O&C) are Jordan LaRouse and Samantha Sade.  Friends since elementary school, graduates of the University of Colorado, and with magazine publishing on their resumes, they put out their first O&C issue in 2005.  It’s a great ezine, a home for creative, inspired, clever erotica for women.  Along with short stories, poetry, and articles, there is an online store, links to similar websites, and other goodies available.

Five short story categories range from “Vanilla” (straight heterosexual) to “Dirty Martini” (threesomes/fetishes).  My short story, “Irresistible,” was featured in July 2011. 

In “Irresistible” Jenna needs a break from the hectic demands of career, wife, and motherhood.  She’s sitting alone in a bar, having a drink on a Saturday night when a handsome, sexy man sits across from her and starts a conversation.  Rick does everything in his power to make Jenna feel “irresistible.”

I’m on the mailing list for a monthly O&C newsletter.  In November 2011, Jordan and Samantha ventured into the erotic ebook industry.  OC Press publishes erotic ebooks, and also operates as an online bookstore for independent writers and publishers.

You can check out the Oysters & Chocolate at

OC Press is

If you’d like to read “Irresistible,” it’s archived

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Long and Short Reviews

The Long and Short Reviews (LASR) have published my short stories written as Angela Adams.  Although launched in August 2007, I found LASR in 2008 while doing a Google search to market one of my stories.   Back then, their free short stories appeared every Thursday and, if I remember correctly, were called the “Thrifty Thursday” short story.  

Feeling like a proud aunt, I’ve watched LASR grow from a small review site, with its weekly “PG-rated” short story, to a cluster covering all the various subgenres of romance – Eroticia, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, and Young Adult.   My last short appeared in July 2010.  “Cracks in My Heart” told the story of Jeff, a soldier returning from war, and Susan, the woman he left behind.

Aside from the reviews and short stories, LASR also features author interviews.  This past January, I had fun being interviewed regarding my short story, “Burgers and Hot Chocolate,” which was published in the anthology, Winters Wonders.

Marianne Arkins and Judy Thomas are the creative geniuses and brains behind this fabulous website.  LASR is also a great advertising resource.  Often, when I’m looking for a book to read, I’ll browse the ads and reviews to see what looks interesting.   One of the aspects of LASR, which has earned my admiration and respect, is that it is a “snark free” review site (LASR’s word, not mine).  Reviews are honest, objective and polite. 

You can find Marianne and Judy at
Or on Facebook at https://www.facebook/pages/The-Long-and-the-Short-of-It/99345674148

LASR's email is

For archive stories and interviews

Among the many offerings, you'll find "Cracks in My Heart," (July 31, 2010) and my LASR interview (January 11, 2012).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Romance at Heart

I’ve had the good fortunate of seeing my book reviews and short stories in some great publications, and “the Angies” have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people.  I’d like to use the next several posts to tell you about them.
I started writing book reviews as “Angela Raye.”  One of my favorite websites to submit was Romance at Heart (RAH).  RAH is a home for anyone who is interested in the romance genre as either a reader or an author.   Along with book reviews and author interviews, one section I enjoy is “Romance at Heart Articles” which features some great articles on the writing craft.
Rose Brungard, who oversees RAH, is a wonderful advocate for new writers.  Although I’ve been spending most of my writing hours working on fiction and haven’t submitted a book review to her in a while, she’s always a cheerleader and so supportive of my current projects. 
You can take a look at RAH by going to
I don’t think I’m talking out of turn by saying that Rose is always looking for good reviews and great articles.  Her email is

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ideas and Comments Welcome

If anyone has any suggestions on authors to read, or titles to review, please feel free to let me know.   Comments are always welcome.

Thanks so much.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Introducing "me"


Starting this blog is probably one of the "most challenging" things I've ever had to do.  I don't really like to talk about myself -- which is what most bloggers do on their blogs.

As Angela Adams, I write romance fiction.  My short stories have appeared in The Long & Short of Reviews, Oysters & Chocolate, and in the anthology, Winter Wonders.

I also write nonfiction, mostly book reviews, under the name Angela Raye.  My reviews have appeared in Romance at Heart

"The Angies" (which is how my best friend from college refers to me) are members of Romance Writers of America, and its online chapter, From The Heart Romance Writers.

Since I don't enjoy talking about me, you may be asking why I started a blog.  Well, it's my hope that I can get other authors to discuss our mutual interests -- writing, fiction, publishing, etc.

So if you have any ideas, please stop by and chat.  Because the more you  talk, and the less I have to, all the better for this blog.