Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's That Time of Year Again -- My Birthday!

I'm taking a two week blogging break to celebrate my birthday! I leave you with wise words from two of the most perceptive "characters" to ever grace the world of literature -- Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh!!

Enjoy those remaining lazy, hazy days of August, Everyone!

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alumni Weekend and a Grand Slam!

For Phillies' baseball fans, Alumni Weekend is always an exciting time in Philadelphia. Former players (many who are honored on the Phillies Wall of Fame) from Jim Bunning (pitched a perfect game in 1964) to Pat Burrell (from our 2008 World Series team) attend the three day event.

The festivities began on Friday evening with Jim Thome, former first baseman and hitter extraordinaire, receiving his plaque on the Phillies Wall of Fame. 

Once the speeches were completed, Thome's daughter, Lila, delivered an awesome rendition of our country's national anthem. 

Then, just when fans thought the evening couldn't get any more exciting, Ryan Howard comes up to bat and hits the fourteenth Grand Slam of his career. Yay, Ryan! Phillies beat the Colorado Rockies, 10-6.

Have a good week, Everyone!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Thank you, Book Reviewers!

Each day I receive anywhere between 30 to 40 emails from book review blogs, and I’m sure there are probably hundreds more out there that I haven’t seen, let alone filled out a subscription request.  

Often, as authors and perhaps readers, we forget that the writers of those reviews are volunteers. They read books and write reviews for no other reason than they love books. Their only compensation is the book they've read.  

So, a big, heartfelt “thank you” and kudos to all of you volunteer reviewers out there for offering your time to read, to write…and, to post.

Have a great week, Everyone!

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Conference and Contest Update

Conferences are a great opportunity for networking, learning, and "meet 'n greets" with publishers and agents. Take a peek at what's upcoming.

Sacramento Writing Workshop; September 9, 2016; Hyatt Regency Sacramento Downtown, Sacramento, CA; FMI,

Moonlight & Magnolias; sponsored by Georgia Romance Writers; September 29-October 2, 2016; Hilton Atlanta Northeast, Peachtree Corners, GA; FMI,

Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference; October 28-30, 2016; The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles, CA; FMI,

Contests, even without a win, are a great way for author feedback. Check your "Save" file to see what stories you have available.

The Beacon 2016; sponsored by First Coast Romance Writers; Deadline, August 31, 2016; FMI,

Heart to Heart Contest; sponsored by San Francisco Area Romance Writers; Deadline, August 31, 2016; Enter the magical scene where your hero and heroine meet for the first time; FMI,

Red Berry Editions 2016 Summer Chapbook Contest; Deadline, August 31, 2016; Submit up to 15 pages of poetry or prose on any subject; FMI,

Have a great week, Everyone!

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pet Memories...

I've always had a great love for the Looney Tunes' character, Tweety Bird. So much so that my first pet was a beautiful yellow canary, a present from my grandmother when I was seven-years-old. I named her Queenie (because somehow "Tweety, Jr." or "Little Tweety" didn't seem to fit).

Queenie was a unique bird who loved football. Her cage was in close proximity to the television set and whenever a game was on she'd chirp happily. If we changed the channel, she squawked. She also liked to "swing" and "sing" to Frank Sinatra. When my father put a Frank Sinatra album on the stereo, Queenie would jump on her swing and tweet and peep to the beat.

When I got home from school each day, she would leap from her perch, clasp the cage bars, and put her head in the open space for a rub. While I patted her head, I would tell her about my day. Whether it was good, mediocre, or exceptionally crappy, Queenie was always ready to listen.

For most children, their pet -- be it dog, cat, canary or goldfish -- is their first best friend and confidant. Often, the relationship a child has with a pet is as significant -- if not more -- than that of any other family member. For a child, having a pet instills responsibility, commitment, and unconditional love.

We had Queenie for four years. I came home from school one day to find her listless, her "peep" more like a "croak." She wouldn't flutter around, but simply sat on the floor of her cage. My dad and I took her to a neighborhood vet who recommended that we just keep her quiet and warm. I don't think there was anything to do to help her, but the man felt he had to offer some suggestion to console an upset little girl (me!). Dad and I took Queenie home, covered her cage before bedtime as we always did, and the next morning when we removed the cover, she had passed away.

Dad took a shoe box, padded the inside with several layers of tissue, placed Queenie in the box, covered her up to her shoulders with an additional tissue, and secured the lid to the box. Since I had an aunt and uncle who had recently moved from Philly to New Jersey, Dad and I buried the box in their back yard.

To this day, whenever I hear the birds chirping outside my window, I think of Queenie -- especially if there's a football game on television.

Does anyone have a pet memory to share?

Have a good week, Everyone!

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad during 1970s

On a recent Saturday morning, as I stood in a supermarket line, whoever was in charge of the music began streaming a block by one of my favorite bands from my high school years, Grand Funk Railroad (often shortened to Grand Funk). Out of Flint, Michigan the band formed in 1969, with the trio of Mark Farner, Don Brewer, and Mel Schacher, I didn't discover their music until 1973. By then, keyboardist, Craig Foster had been added, enhancing the mix.

Grand Funk Railroad today 

With their sound, a combination of rock, soul, and metal, Grand Funk Railroad received little airplay on the more popular AM radio, but the guys sure knew how to pack -- and rock -- an arena. I remember putting aside part of my allowance until I had saved $7.50 to buy a ticket for the band's appearance at our local venue, the Spectrum (which is now a parking lot). Back in those days, many concerts were "open seating" or "first come, best seat." My friends and I stood in line for hours for the chance to sit in one of the front rows closest to the stage. Seeing an always shirtless Mark Farner (he's no longer with the band) strut across the stage was worth every minute of the wait.

With gratitude to several folks at YouTube, I've posted links to my favorite Grand Funk Railroad tunes -- including  a live performance of We're An American Band featuring a shirtless, strutting Mark Farner.

We're An American Band

Some Kind of Wonderful

Rock 'N Roll Soul

I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home

While doing my YouTube search, I started thinking of the many bands I enjoyed in the Seventies -- The Grass Roots, Chicago, Three Dog Night...

If you have a favorite Seventies band, please share.

Have a good week, Everyone!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

RWA Annual Conference

Romance writers from all over are headed to San Diego, California for the annual Romance Writers of America conference, July 13th through 16th. Four days of special events, workshops, networking, and catching up with friends.

To all traveling and attending, best wishes for an informative week, be safe, and have a great time!